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here’s to the muckrakers…

What would we do without people like Ken Silverstein and Matt Taibbi? We bemoan the loss of newspapers, but we need to question what the purpose of newspapers is if what they supply us with is Walmart ads and David Broder (well, at least the Walmart ads are colorful).

Here’s a typical Silverstein piece posted today at An Object Lesson in Governmental Failure: Derivatives reform. I don’t know how he continually makes sense of the non-sensical Capital, but he does and I’m grateful for it, and for the excellent work at Harper’s generally.

Here’s Taibbi, doing his thing for the li’l guy, and transparency: Elizabeth Warren for President.

As Clay Shirky has pointed out, we don’t need newspapers as much as we need good journalism, and you can’t get there from here without muckrakers and contrarians, no matter what the medium is.


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