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installation blues…

Waiting on my other computer to finish the download and installation of ubuntu v. 9.10 – “karmic koala‘. Seems I’m not alone; what would normally take 20 minutes over my fiber optic connection is estimated to take between 4 and 9 hours because every Linux geek on the planet is doing the same thing… might as well write and post some links while I’m waiting. First the links…

How the mighty have fallen: Sony Narrows Loss Forecast to $1 Billion on Lower Costs, Sales of Assets, / But on the brighter side in Japan, Porn-Film Maker Turned Farmer Joins Japanese Movement to End Co-Op’s Grip , / The state-backed casino rolls on, / Does Ben Bernanke Have The Facts Right On Banking?, / A Sudden Exit Driven By An ‘Irrational’ War, / Six Questions for Desmond Travers on the Goldstone Report, / What Constitutes Justice For Guantanamo Detainees?, / Can Our Shameful Prisons Be Reformed?, / Facebook is TIVO for friendships (or not), / Facebook Awarded $711 Million Judgment Against Spammer, / “Many people fear Islamic terrorists. In fact you are more likely to die of boredom reading this book than in a suicide bombing. Still, there’s an infallible way to spot a suicide bomber: just check out everyone with a Muslim name who has no life insurance. Or now that our secret is out, find every Muslim who has changed his name to Jeremy and bought life insurance. Why didn’t the CIA think of this?”,  Superfreakonomics, by Steven D Levitt & Stephen J Dubner, / Super-size me Halloween: 1,658 lbs. pumpkin,

Now, you may be wondering, “do you actually read all those linked stories?”, and the answer is “yes, mostly”. I skim some, but read most of them. In the case of NPR stories, I may have listened to the story instead of read it.

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