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He’s picked up his marbles…

and he’s going to play elsewhereHmmph!

Cory Doctorow over at boingboing on Rupery Murdoch’s avowal to remove all his News Corp. sites from the view of Google, and other such hoary threats.

UPDATE: Here’s a link to a Sky News interview with Murdoch by some sycophantic douchebag who works for him (just listen to that introduction!). Oddly enough, the interview can be found on YouTube, which is owned by Google, the company he supposedly hates.

Why all the bluster? For those of you inclined to think that Murdoch wants to save newspapers, think again. I’d guess Rupert has looked into his crystal ball (spreadsheet) and seen that his empire will decline over time unless he does something radical to save it or repurpose it. Of course, if he’d really played his cards right in the internet space in the first place, we wouldn’t have to be subjected to his rants. Murdoch may still be “the world’s most powerful media owner”, but Google owns the field his team is playing on.

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