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Weekend Reading Assignment

Catching up… been a little hectic around here of late. Sorry for my absence, O’ Mighty Web!

“It’s so terrible, it induces an entirely new emotion: a blend of vertigo, disgust, anger and embarrassment that I like to call “shitasmia.” It not only creates this emotion: it defines it. It’s the most shitasmic cultural artefact in history. Watch it for yourself. Still, bad though it is, I vaguely prefer the clumping, clueless, uncool, crappiness of Microsoft’s bland Stepford gang to the creepy assurance of the average Mac evangelist.” – Posted this Charlie Brooker piece a while back when it was first published by The Guardian, but it’s still funny: Better the broken Windows than life with the Mac monks,

Some wind in the sails of the Green Movement? Perhaps… Spain gets 53% of its energy from wind!, / Sarah Palin Suggests Coin Conspiracy In Wisconsin Speech, / With Berlusconi in the Soup, /  Barack Obama ‘risks Suez-like disaster’ in Afghanistan, says key adviser, / The Frightening Beauty of Bunkers by Paul Virilio, / Robotic Tightrope Walkers for High-Voltage Lines, / I am become Death, destroyer of worlds, / The Nerd Handbook, / Big news? Twitter and LinkedIn Status Updates Are Now Synced, / ‘Pirate Radio’ Tunes Into Rock-Revolution Nostalgia, / Be afraid, be very afraid… your privacy ended in 1994: User Tracking, / Another step towards the Fourth Discontinuity: Bare,

We took our daughter to see Where the Wild Things Are the other day. Go see it before we are all turned into robots of the hive mind.

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