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about my bedroom ceiling…

I apologize for the lack of posts. I have been on my back quite a lot the last few days. About 12 years ago, I injured my back rather badly, and ever since then there are 3 or 4 times a year when I must contend with a tweaked back. This year, I’ve been especially fortunate and have re-injured my back twice within a month’s time. Lucky me.

I’ve had several comments from friends saying that they don’t like the navigation of the Hemingway Theme that I use, so I thought I’d let everyone know that I’m going to change themes soon. In fact, I am thinking about setting up my own blog using wordpress as a CMS. In the meantime, expect a theme change here in the-not-too-distant-future.

Jamie Dimon Has Another Good Year, / Where Does My Money Go: Explore UK Governmental Spending, / When did the CIA become a Blackwater Subsidiary?, / Grade A: Defense contractors paid to review their own performance, / Americans consume 3.6 zettabytes of data, most of it pixels, / The Fabulous Papers, / Traveling by Cargo Ship Around the World, / Plastic Flashback, / Infographic Coins, / God’s butthole appeared in the sky and farted blue fire on a mountain. Turns out it was a failed Russian missle launch.


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