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Requiem for a Bantam Weight (a dirge)

Read them and weep – Obama, Year One. After Massachusetts: His Hopes Did Him In.

Guess we saw this coming, eh? The man shoulda listened to his “base” and to all the progressive fools like you and me who gave him our precious time and energy. There were fights to be fought, noble deeds to be done. Instead, he wanted to heal things, to be a bridge. If that was what he wanted he should have gone to medical school or become an architectural engineer instead of a lawyer, because this a lawyer’s country now, and we needed (and still need) a lawyer to stand up for what’s right and fight the good fight.

What’s Obama’s fighting? 30 years of entrenched conservative-whacko groupthink: greed is good; government is bad; and the only way the dems can win is if they stuff their pockets with cash from the same people that the GOP does. It’s all screwed up. People wanted him to change that and instead he slipped into the Beltway pattern like a chameleon.

He now looks so weak some asshole has planned to open an all-white basketball league. If that isn’t a broadside against what could have been, I don’t know what is. For every step forward, we’ve taken two steps back.

Maybe having to claw his way back from desperation will define the man and his legacy, and our hopes and our best qualities will once again emerge and save this stinkhole. Or maybe, 3 short years from now, Sarah Palin, Dick Cheney and Michelle Bachman will be high-fiving on a podium in Washington D.C. while I paddle a small boat to some God-foresaken island in the Caribbean, unsure of the future, but happy to be free of the place I thought was my home.

The Age of Myths has passed us by as we watched American Idol in our living rooms. What comes next is anybody’s guess.


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