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The Lost Decade: What the World Can Learn from 10 Years of Excesses,


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Tactical Nuclear Penguin

The confessions of a semi-successful author, / Lord Goldsmith told Tony Blair war to topple Saddam would be illegal, / Climate change data dumped, / The man who smuggled himself into Auschwitz, / Tactical Nuclear Penguin,

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weekend reading assignment

Tracking A ‘Missing’ Man By Virtual Bread Crumbs, / Morgan Stanley’s $9,000,000,000.00 check, / Story of a beautiful failure, / time-lapse map of unemployment rates by U.S. county during recession,

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Adobe to cut 680 more jobs as economic squeeze continues, This story reminded me of a thought I had a while back: Why doesn’t Apple buy Adobe? OK, granted, Adobe is a bit of a mess, but they still make some good tools. Apple would have a huge bunch of content creation software, and they’d be making money off of selling software to Windows users, and Apple would improve Adobe software, making Adobe’s long-suffering users happy once more.

Here are some other ideas for mergers & acquisitions dreamed up by Ken Sonenclar, via

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Dress the part?, / the bike tree, / Capitalism’s Fundamental Flaw, / ten things you don’t know about the Earth, / more on the verdict in Milan, / percentage of young Americans unfit for military duty, due to fatness, criminality, or stupidity: 75, via, via / how to use an apostrophe, / Roger Penrose says Physics is wrong, from String Theory to Quantum Mechanics, /  in the event that you have accidentally swallowed the Higgs boson,

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All thumbs…

Do you know what today’s kids need? Thumb amputations, that’s what., / Depression linked to Processed food, / The Ph.D. Problem, / Goldman Sachs: The casino always wins, / Futurologist: Super Rich will live longer, evolve into superior species, / Web Open Font Format backed by Mozilla, type foundries, /Holder Claims State Secrecy… Again, / Ken Robinson says schools kill creativity, (tip-o’-the-hat to D’Alessandrius The Wise and Munificent)

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I can’t believe I posted this either…


but I had to test the video posting out, didn’t I? Besides, my ubuntu download still isn’t finished.

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here’s to the muckrakers…

What would we do without people like Ken Silverstein and Matt Taibbi? We bemoan the loss of newspapers, but we need to question what the purpose of newspapers is if what they supply us with is Walmart ads and David Broder (well, at least the Walmart ads are colorful).

Here’s a typical Silverstein piece posted today at An Object Lesson in Governmental Failure: Derivatives reform. I don’t know how he continually makes sense of the non-sensical Capital, but he does and I’m grateful for it, and for the excellent work at Harper’s generally.

Here’s Taibbi, doing his thing for the li’l guy, and transparency: Elizabeth Warren for President.

As Clay Shirky has pointed out, we don’t need newspapers as much as we need good journalism, and you can’t get there from here without muckrakers and contrarians, no matter what the medium is.


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10.29.2009 Links

Another day, another blog… and a cornucopia of links for you, my dear readers:

No pain, no gain, / Steve Jobs Overtaking Bill Gates With Apple Stock Surge: Chart of the Day, / Shazam: not magic after all, / Zinc-air battery could hold 3x more energy than lithium-ion, / Digital Bread Crumbs: Following Your Cell Phone Trail, / Google and the deadly power of data, / “My Father, the Terrorist: A son of Osama bin Laden paints an intimate portrait of the man who would become the world’s most infamous terrorist,” Omar bin Laden, Vanity Fair, via / ‘Afghans just want to be left alone’, / Spying on us undermines democracy, / Paging Jamie Dimon, / Chernikov imagery, via / Evolution of the International Space Station (animation), / Stripping Bare the Body—Six Questions for Mark Danner, / digital youth project: if you care about kids and want to understand how they use technology and why, this is a must read, / Ghost In The Brain: An ‘Apparition Hemorrhage’, / Remember that thing called “radio”? Live re-broadcast of Orson Welles’ War of the Worlds,… alas, my team loses its first game… and I ain’t talking about the Yankees: Minnesota Timberwolves knock off NJ Nets, 95-93, with layup as time expires in season opener, Dave D’Alessandro,

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Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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