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Going Rogue

“And Sarah Palin sells copies. She is the country’s first WWE politician — a cartoon combatant who inspires stadiums full of frustrated middle American followers who will cheer for her against whichever villain they trot out, be itNewsweek, Barack Obama, Katie Couric, Steve Schmidt, the Mad Russian, Randy Orton or whoever. Her followers will not know that she is the perfect patsy for our system, designed as it is to channel popular anger in any direction but a useful one, and to keep the public tied up endlessly in pointless media melees over meaningless nonsense (melees of the sort that develop organically around Palin everywhere she goes). Like George W. Bush, even Palin herself doesn’t know this, another reason she’s such a perfect political tool.” – Sarah Palin, WWE Star, Matt Taibbi,


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11.27.2009 links

This is getting messy… Iraq invasion legitimacy was in doubt, Chilcot inquiry told, / He’ll be sorely missed: Mark Pittman, Reporter Who Foresaw Crisis, Dies at 52, / ‘Geek Love’ author fights off purse snatcher in Northwest Portland, / Complexity and Humanity, / A Jazz Pianist, Happy To Work For ‘Peanuts’, / Waging War On Distracted Driving, / Yawn: it’s one of the best things you can do for your brain,

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Black Friday Specials

Top 10 green living myths, / the death of the printed book is closer than you think, / Group of Magazine Publishers Is Said to Be Building an Online Newsstand, / From Telegraph to Twitter: The Language of the Short Form, / a world of hits, / Twitter Japan to introduce payment model, / the death of uncool, / AutocompleteMe,

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3 things…

1. The dark side of the internet,

2. Romanian president Traian Basescu punches a kid in the face,

3. Lastly, something nice – Bill Frisell Trio: Spontaneous at Kennedy,

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giving thanks

Loudon Wainwright Looks ‘High’ For Inspiration, / What If Steve Jobs Hadn’t Returned To Apple In 1997?, / America, the beautiful? – Roadside Architectural Wonders, / Solar System Scale Model,

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between fantasy and reality

Fallen Princesses, / Obama’s Home Teleprompter Malfunctions During Family Dinner, /

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9/11 tragedy pager intercepts

WikiLeaks is hosting something unique: “From 3AM on Wednesday November 25, 2009, until 3AM the following day (US east coast time), WikiLeaks is releasing over half a million US national text pager intercepts. The intercepts cover a 24 hour period surrounding the September 11, 2001 attacks in New York and Washington.”

The pager intercepts can be found here:

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hobbit edition

‘Hobbits’ are a new human species, according to statistical analysis of fossils, / Sushi DNA Tests Reveal Fraud, / A Milestone in the Health Care Journey (?), / The Secret Political Reach Of ‘The Family’, / something to watch tonight: The Card Game,

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the songs stuck in our heads, / Not Funny: Reporter detained in Iran for ties to the Daily Show, / Harry Reid, and What Happened to the Public Option, / Before I Vote, Let Me Check My Portfolio, / Microsoft Offers To Pay News Publishers To Pull Content From Google, / Demons and beefcake – the other side of Francis Bacon, / the internet as playground and factory, / ABA President’s Curious Means of “Advancing Rule of Law”, / Homeless on the Home Front,

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bee-hive hairdo edition

Dream Ticket 2012: Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin

2 hits from Gawker – the writing’s not so good, but what do you expect from people when they’re writing about a subject that makes your head explode? Sarah Palin Now Pissing Off Everyone: Fans Boo Her, Martha Stewart Calls Her “Dangerous”, / Glenn Beck’s Scary Blueprint for World Domination in 2010, Unveiled: “The Plan”,

So, ya think you can save the Empire, do ya? 100 year “plan”, eh? What, Stalin’s Five Year Plans not good enough for ya? Next thing you know, Beck will be talking about Germania… or geraniums.

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